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50% Discount on the once-off cost of our Interactive Mobile Business Apps as set out below, but only if you scan, download and use the Discount Voucher in our App using our QR Code below (click on OR image if on Mobile Device):

Refer & Earn!

Refer & Earn

Download our Interactive Prime Web App above or our In Touch App and use the Refer & Earn section in the App to refer any business or social community and we will pay you R1 000 once your referral had paid their once-off App development cost. 

Nothing can be easier, show your intended prospect you want to refer our App and if they show interest, just refer them via our In Touch or Prime Web App‘s Refer & Earn section and earn R1 000 per successful referral!  There is no limit to the amount of people you can refer.

Interactive Full-featured Mobile Business App with QR Code (Android and Apple IOS) and Android APK file to load the App on Android devices (publishing of App can also be done):

  • Interactive Mobile Business App: R10 000 R 4 995 on the 50% Launch Discount valid until 30 September 2021 using our App Discount Voucher once-off, which includes features such as Discount, Loyalty, Events, Product, Property and/or Services listing with image and price, Social Wall, Contact page, Form Input & Submission page, Track & Trace (COVID-19 Visit Log), Custom pages etc. were we teach you how to load your products and/or services, do your own changes and/or updates; or
  • Advanced Interactive Mobile Business App:  R20 000 R9 995 on the 50% Launch Discount valid until 30 September 2021 using our App Discount Voucher once-off where advanced features such as payment integration, padlock module access, appointment bookings etc. are required; or
  • Directory App for shopping malls, listing services etc. and Online Store Apps are also available (around R60 000 – exact price might vary according to the complexity of the App)
  • Interactive Portal Access: R500 R250 monthly or R2 500 annually (2 months for free) – access to our cloud-based portal required to send Push Message notifications, to manage products and/or services, access COVID-19 visitor data, social wall, form responses, manage loyalty / discount program and manage bookings and appointments.  You get your own log-in access to our cloud-based terminal.  The monthly Interactive Portal Access Fee of R250 is collected via debit order or it can be paid annually in advance at R2 500 and then you get 2 months free of charge. 
  • Publishing of Mobile App in the Google Play Store (Android): R1 000 once-off and/or
    on the Apple IOS Store: R3 000 once-off.
  • Our Payment options:
    South Africa: Card transactions through POS (Point Of Sale) device or online via PayFast and monthly debit order through StratColl (Pty)Ltd processed by Bakserv.

    We can also arrange for Blitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Etherium (ETH), USDT or Tron (TRX) crypto currency payments.
  • Order Form / Agreement:
    Download the Order Form / Agreement to facilitate an order and email to [email protected]
  • Get your business COVID-19 or pandemic proof – keep contact with customers via an Interactive Mobile App!
  • PWA (Progressive Web Application) – download via QR Code or browser & save as shortcut with App Icon – “look and feel” of a Mobile App.   Ideal for fast and easy implementation, mobile phones with limited storage space and short-term customers.
  • Interactive Mobile Business App (50% Discount Special Offer valid until 30 September 2021):
    • Custom Main Page
    • Menu Page listing your products and/or services or property listings with images and price options 
    • Push Message Notification function and page 
    • Loyalty Card page
    • Discount Offer page
    • Track & Trace page (visit registration as per Covid-19 Legislation)
    • Image Gallery of products
    • Social Wall
    • Events calendar 
    • Form Input & Submission
    • Store, branch or office location and details
    • Get In Touch or Contact page
    • About Us page
    • Other custom pages
    • The Android APK file so that the App can be installed (you can email this to your customers or have it on your website as a download file – user will do a self-install and need to set phone to trust the application allow installation  
  • Advanced Interactive Mobile Business App (50% Discount Special Offer valid until 30 September 2021):
    • All of the Basic features above.
    • Appointment Pro bookings to facilitate and manage visits or appointment bookings
    • Padlock function to integrate paid content
    • Quiz function to open other content
    • Payment integration – to facilitate orders and online payments.
    • Additional and more advanced customisation

In Touch App - "Community Building that Pays"

Please click on the image below to get more information about our new In Touch App for Social Communities such as churches, clubs, societies, teams, workgroups etc.  You can inform, build, improve and maintain your Social Community.  There is also an awesome and easy built-in income opportunity to benefit both the Social Community and Members.   

Fully interactive - communicate with your clients

The following features makes our App vital for current times where businesses need to keep in touch with their customer and also provide information in a safe and effective manner:

  • Product, services and/or property or vehicle listings including their images and pricing.  Can be added to a cart and emailed to store to action.
  • Push notifications – send updates directly to all devices that have the App – more effective than text messages and/or email.
  • Quick adaptable and fully customisable pages.
  • Events calendar
  • Appointment booking
  • Social wall – similar to Facebook, where App users can post, upload up to 10 photos as well as Like, Comment and/or Share.
  • Forms that can be submitted by enquiries, contact, feedback, etc. 

Easy to customise, update and to add new content

We train your appointed staff members how to customise the App, update, change and or add new content.

The initial training to get your staff to fully utilise all the app features are included in the once-off pricing.

The monthly portal access fee allows you and/or your responsible staff members to log into our cloud-based portal so that they can manage all the interactive features of the App and also to do any of the customisation, updates and/or changes.

Customer retention and loyalty rewards

A feature included in the basic App is a Discount Module where you can issue electronic coupons that can be used.  Say you want to reward your customer for downloading your App by using your QR code, you can have say a 10% discount coupon that can be used once to motivate them to use and interact with you via your App.

We can include a Loyalty Module with electronic stamps that are redeemed and marked off by your sales staff when they process payment on orders or purchases.  This is easily managed via the App and your customer merely opens their Loyalty Tab, and your Sales Person clicks on the stamp and enters in their secret PIN to electronically tick off the stamp. 

We can customise this to what works for your business, but basically we allocate a currency value to a stamp, so if you want your customer to spend say R500 to qualify for a free coffee, you can have 10 stamps, each worth R50.   You can even decide that each purchase irrespective of the value qualifies for 1 stamp and after 10 stamps, they qualify for a free coffee. 

This is easy to set up and manage via your App and our cloud based Portal.  We can register different staff members, each with their own PIN and then you can draw monthly reports to see which Sales Person attended to the most customers by allocating rewards on purchases so that they can also be rewarded.

Can your business survive another Lockdown?

By having a contactless menu of your food menu, products or services, you can!

Your customer simply scans your QR Code that you can send to them via email, WhatsApp, Telegram, on pamphlets on your website or shop window and then sit at home or in their car and browse through your menu without fear of any contamination, place their order from their phone.  You will then receive their order on your computer and email, process it and notify your customer that it is ready for collection.  The order can then be collected and paid in a manner that is the safest.  

We can even integrate a payment module in your App.  

You can offer your customers say a 10% discount for downloading your App with the QR code, once-off or for every order.  Once-off, however might be more viable for your business and then you can have a Loyalty Program managed by the App that will reward your customers for regular support. 

Now consider how this can apply not only to take-away businesses, restaurants, coffee shops, but any business.

Here are a few further examples:

Nail Bar or Nail Salon – all your products and different processes can be explained and visibly demonstrated with examples and you customer will be informed prior to making their appointment.  They will know if they want gel nails or acrylic etc., will even be able to choose the colours and style and advise you upon making the appointment, so that you have it available.  The appointment can be managed via the App.  If you have a cancellation, you can notify your customer base via Push message to their phones that you have a opening available.

Hair Dresser – similar to the Nail Bar above.  Your customers can view and select all the hairstyles available and actually see some photographs of these styles and colours so that they can be better informed of the current trends, new products, your special offers and they can book appointments via your App.  If you have a cancellation, you can notify your customers that you have an opening with a Push notification.  A loyalty program can work very good here to keep your customers loyal to you.


Scheduling appointment and keeping in contact with your clients, customers or patients

Professional persons such as Attorneys, Doctors, a Pharmacy or Dentists – can schedule appointments via your App and notify your clients of any cancellations.  

Your assistant or receptionist will be free to attend to the phone or reception, as all appointments can be booked electronically via your App and just be accepted or another date and time proposed.  You can have a calendar reflect all available spaces on your App so that your patient can choose the most convenient opening and book it via your App.  We can set your App to automatically accept it or that you must approve it and then send a confirmation.  Appointment reminders can be sent via Push notifications.  

Small pharmacies can now compete with the larger ones already offering scrips that can be sent through electronically and be prepared so that it can just be collected.  Your customers can scan in their script and submit it to you via your App and be notified when it is ready to collect.  You can also deal with monthly chronic medication orders the same.  

It is easy to keep your clients or patients informed of progress with their case or new developments.  Doctors and Dentists can easily inform all their patients that have appointments on a certain day that they are running behind and that there is say an hour delay and move their appointments on with the Appointment Pro scheduler.   Heck, you should send out reminders about the new Flu shot being available!  How about sending out warnings to your patients about health risks etc.

Some App examples - click on the image below:


This was all "Greek" to me and Bruce of Prime Web Space made it real easy for me to understand and to decide what to prioritize to get the biggest online exposure at the lowest cost that will only increase over time as I do small but meaningful updates regularly to provide dynamic and meaningful content.
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